What We Do

Siemens IT jobs

Smurk Recruitment is a specialist I recruitment consultancy created from the decade of success our parent company, Smurk Software, achieved. Combining our team's 30+ years collective experience working in the IT industry and their cultivated expertise and knowledge, we deliver effective recruitment services to our qualified clients. Initially this expertise and experience led to long standing clients with Smurk Software often approaching us for advice and recruitment tips. These experiences exposed us to situations from which we could develop the skills needed to generate a bespoke Information Technology recruitment service, thus adding further value to our clients.

With an international focus, we have the ability to operate with a large scale of resources, enabling us to execute upon our intended goal of delivering high quality job opportunities to our clients. Here at Smurk Recruitment we understand the complexities of the IT job market; and it is this distinguishing characteristic which recruiters and candidates alike have found to be unique.

Due to this wealth of cumulative experience in the IT industry, Smurk Recruitment is a great choice for both employers and candidates when it comes to recruitment in IT jobs. The reason why our ever-expanding range of clients believe in us is because we are:


We're not just an ordinary IT jobs recruitment agency; Smurk Recruitment stems from our core software consultancy business. It is because of this inherent passion, expertise in the field and attention to detail that allows us to fulfill the demands of an IT vacancy and procuring suitable prospective applicants. We understand the technical requirements for jobs and can recommend roles to candidates with far greater precision than most other recruitment agencies or consultancies.


As proven by our current recruiters, the reputation we've cultivated over the past few years precedes us. To keep this status within the industry intact, we take particular care when screening and matching potential candidates to advertised roles. We will only recommend candidates we would hire ourselves.


Through our work with several major IT service providers we are able to reference a rich database of industry professionals. If you're a candidate looking for a new challenge within the industry or an organisation looking for an IT professional, we can connect you!